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#Poetry:”Remember who I am”.

Italian version, if you want to read it, here:


Remember who I am,

remember where I come from,

remember what I can,

remember my heart-bomb.

I am never what I seem,

I’m a good person,

but I’m not naive.

I need to blow off some steam,

can’t always wait

to get back in the team.

Remember who I am,

I always forgive,

but never forget,

I always want to give,

but also, to get.

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#Poetry:”Letter to my heart”.

Click here if you want to read original version:


I write truth,

I write confessions.

With this pen,

I write to you,

my heart.

Because you are so strong,

you are capable of doing things that I miss, I can’t.

The one that goes beyond

The limit of my reason.

You’re always here.

And I tell you many things,

to keep you calm.

Then I don’t know if I can …

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