#Poetry:”Letter to my heart”.

Click here if you want to read original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/14/poesialettera-al-mio-cuore/


I write truth,

I write confessions.

With this pen,

I write to you,

my heart.

Because you are so strong,

you are capable of doing things that I miss, I can’t.

The one that goes beyond

The limit of my reason.

You’re always here.

And I tell you many things,

to keep you calm.

Then I don’t know if I can …

But I don’t know if I have to stop you,

in the end that’s what you are,

you are a part of me,

I have to follow myself,

follow me.

And you are definitely part of me …

You know,

One thing is certain,

however much it seems impossible now,

I’m sure if she knew you,

you would very well have been able to make her fall in love

for real.

How would I be able to be a friend,

for real.

(And, paradoxically, if we had stayed in touch,

would have been possible.)

After I realize I’m wrong,

I tend not to repeat mistakes,

so things would NOT go on,

and at this point, I would have already forgotten.

Too bad, no matter how hard you tried,

but I trust you.

Because, as I said,

you are able to do what I do

I never know how to do.

This shit rationality,

that breaks your balls!

I’m sure you could have done it,

as I’m sure

of what you heard.

I know…

Well, I know you believe,

than other people

they felt that way.

My heart,

there is nothing to tell you,

I believe in you.

And therefore,

I let it continue to lead

this boat.

Not that you are “winning”,

but that your emotions,

are the things you can count on,

to believe in




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