#Poetry:”A Reason”

I am a jerk,

with this mask,

Of justifications …

A reason,

there’s always a reason?


Why, you ask me,

you ask me,

my friend,

as if there was a reason,

for me there is not,

there must not be.

You tell me I like beautiful girls,

but it’s normal,

I do not understand the problem.

You make me complex,

just because I said

“She’s a nice girl”.



find reasons



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#Poetry:”Carried away by the current…”

Then why get all these problems?

Today I decide to feel comfortable,

today I decide

I decide, after months,

of attempts, to do one thing,

to go in a direction,

today I decide to feel comfortable.

Basically, you think that feeling bad,

is our decision.

And then also feel good …

There are no expiration dates,

and there are no problems.


In the end, I tell you:

suffering is demonized.

We are here living badly,

but we should feel free,

to suffer.

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#Poesia:”Un motivo”.

Io sono un coglione,

con questa mascherata.

Di giustificazioni…

Un motivo,

c’è sempre un motivo?


Perché, mi domandi,

mi domandi,

amico mio,

come se ci fosse un perché,

per me non c’è,

non ci deve essere.

Mi dici che mi piacciono le belle ragazze,

ma è normale,

non capisco il problema.

Mi fai i complessi,

solo perché ho detto

“è una bella ragazza”.

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