#Poetry:”Let go the Past”.

Let go the past,

you need to rest,

you need to do it fast,

dont’ let it off your chest.

Maybe this i show people will com back,

after you let go,

what was painted in black.

While I say goodbye,

and everything

passes by.



What about my love,

what about I put above?

I don’t know,

maybe it’s time

to let go,

and after that,

I do not know.

I knock to this door,

but then,

I feel my face on the floor.

I’m waiting for the moment,

but it’s not coming,

I don’t have argument,

I think I was kinda violent,

but, now, I’m so silent.

Italain version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/23/poesialasciar-andare-il-passato/

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