Domino effect:


just remove a single piece,

and everything collapses.

And, many times,

you realize,

that you were concentrating

on a mass of bullshit.

said and think.

Do you understand,

which are all paranoia,

that there was and is,

very little real.

They are all messages,

they haven’t even seen each other

people in the eye.



In this case,

how can you be sure,

they are saying

the truth?

If I don’t look you in the eye,

how can i be sure,

that you are telling the truth?

And that’s why I stay

Of my idea.

And that is why

That I keep believing,

that the essential moments,

are those passed in person.

And I’m trying to watch,

especially the beauty …

We met,

we collided:

Domino effect,

effect of having the wrong moments,

because we have been messy.

Sometimes I’ve done well,

other times I will have hurt.


  it is clear that much is not enough,

to be forgiven.

Check Italian/Original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/24/poesiadomino/

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