Someone had enough,

someone doesn’t want to suffer anymore.

Someone doesn’t feel enough,

and needs more.

Someone needs,

to feel enough.

We are tired,

We are sleepy,

we are tired,

we don’t even have the strength anymore,

to get out of our shit.

We are tired.



Leave us alone,

let us sleep.

Maybe we pushed you away,

maybe you have pushed us away,

because we weren’t enough.

Maybe you never did,


to make us feel,

as you should have.

I was not enough

for her?

Or I wasn’t enough

For her “friends” of hers,

and acquaintances?

Who is it the one that decides?

We are tired,

we are enough,

even if you don’t tell us.

But, you know,

you should tell us,


You could save lives.

Because we are enough,

and even more.

And we’ve had enough …

We are tired.

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