#Poetry:”I never felt so Alive.”

I never felt so alive

With my feelings,

my emotions.

Even if I look like a child,

This life is all mine.

Please, just be kind.

I feel so weird,

and I write,

I write so much,

some tear and such…

This is the weirdest time

I’ve ever lived.


And the most real,

with evertything

that was relieved.

I mind how I feel,


into this new reality,

I lost gravity.

I feel my mind,

my life,

not even mine anymore,

but I feel so alive,

I want more.

It’s like just now,

I know love,

I want to be loved back,

by the one, I want to see again,

dream and dream,

There’s inside my brain.

It’s like now I really feel pain,

and all  that it attains.

I thoght that running away

Was the only way,

but I now, I try to stay,

and find another way.

I only think about what I want,

what I love,

To make it true

or, I’ll die

for real.

ITALIAN version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/27/poesianon-mi-sono-mai-sentito-cosi-vivo/

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