#Poetry:”Is that me?”

I wonder,

if it is me who is

as they say,

or if it’s just their idea.

Often however,

I can’t find my mirror,

in many definitions.

Often now,

I’m starting to believe,

that whoever loves me,

does not always understand and know,

what is right for me.



I feel like I’m living,

another’s life.

I don’t have what I want,

and I still want it.

My choices,

they weren’t mine.

The things I don’t have …

I now have an intense hatred,

towards the one who tore me away

what I had,

even if it was nothing,

that nothing was mine.

Nothing is something too, you know …

And it’s just someone else,

have to take something of yours.

And it is not that here,

I wanted to chain you, Ste.

It would be better to see each other,

to talk about important things,

they prevent you,

because they thought wrong things.

By now, I only see a bunch

Of wrong things.

Italain version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/27/poesiasono-io/

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