#Poetry:”Make a Wish”.


Make a wish,

but remember:

never tell anyone,

do not do so

that people know what you want.


will always want to make sure,

that what you hope for,

is not hoped for.



When you look at the sky,

the night,

and look at the shooting stars,


you don’t have to tell anyone.

Don’t be like me

that my wishes,

I told them around.

Keep them to yourself,

do not risk them.

Maybe they will come true.

Now, you see,

I don’t tell them to anyone,

my wishes.

I don’t tell anyone,

what do I confess to these stars,

that are so beautiful,

so bright,

from the sky.

Maybe my wishes,

did not come true,

because they always came out.

Who knows if now,

that I don’t tell them,

will they come true?

ITA version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/02/poesiaesprimi-un-desiderio/

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