#Poetry:”Not Deciding”.


I don’t know what to decide.


I could not

I did not know



I do not know what to do

and I think I will


But, every day,

that has passed,

since I said “tomorrow”,

it never gave me

the choice.


Maybe it’s true:

“Also don’t choose

It’s a choice”.

I don’t know where to walk,

so, I stand still,

to wait.

Maybe it’s better.

You choose,

I have already chosen you.

And I would choose

For thousands of times

The same thing.

And it is now

To be also chosen.

Tell me where to walk,

if you see me again

not to get lost again,

to make itself light,

into the dark.

I choose not to do


I decide

Not to decide.

I will let life,

and other people

do it for me.

Do it for me.

ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/07/poesianon-decidere/

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