#Poetry:”The Pessimstic Choice”.

“Tell me which side I’m on
Approaching constant failure
Tell me which side I’m on (who is friend or foe)
Approaching constant failure”

I know well,

that the world is one way,

because of this,

I have become a pessimist.

So often disappointed,

that now,

I don’t believe it anymore.

I no longer believe in anything,

perhaps dreaming is useless.

But yet,

I know it’s temporary.

Despite the experience

Tell me otherwise.



Between love and hate,

I always choose the first.

At least this time,

I can not hate

who have I disappointed,

who disappointed me.

But I do not know

If it was it would have been better

Of anger,

of resentment,

and a little bit of grudge.

The balance

It is so weak and fragile.

Every day try to live,

then maybe,

every day a little dies.

Which side am I on?

Maybe we are always a little alone,



we have to solve everything by ourselves,

and it has to be our way.

The advices,

people who want to “protect” us,

are often just obstacles,

in our personal journeys.

The pride,

when they see us,

as if we were still,

weak kids.

Grow tired,

remain similar as well.

Tired a bit of everything …

I am a pessimist:

very little hope,

if they don’t offer it to you.

I see the world turn the same,

I see people unable to change,

to mature.

I see me,

who is doing it now,

and it seems that I can see it

for the first time.

Every time,

every path,

it seems to lead me to constant failure.

I’m tired,

a little dying,

a little in pieces.

The choice,

will be that of the pessimist,

or whoever has an iota,

of desire to believe in it,

to be optimistic,

and less blunt?

“Amused by the trials and tribulations
If I survive, will I fly from here?
But as the chosen pessimist
I, I carve my name in stone”

ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/09/poesiala-scelta-pessimsita/

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