I have a normal life,

normal things happen to me.

My poetry,

tries to transform these things,

into something beautiful,

but I’m normal.

It is normal to experience unrequited loves,

It is normal to have disappointments,

it is normal to enjoy nature,

it’s normal to stop thinking,

to what hurts us.

It is normal to underestimate oneself a little,

and then stop,

understanding that nothing

does not go with you.



What will be seen,

At bottom.

It’s normal to feel pain,

ask yourself if

there is really something wrong,

with the women,

if I am “the problem”,

but it’s bullshit to avoid,

to preserve self-esteem.

And that’s normal.

It’s normal to lose people,

have misunderstandings,

to argue.

In fact, I have nothing in particular,

to tell you.

I’m just this,

I’m like you

At the bottom.

Perfectly normal.

Like them,

as you,

like her.

ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/11/poesianormale/


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