#Poetry:”The Most Part”.

Today is my Birthday,

this is a special poetry of the day.


Of people,

they have gone away.

They left me,

with questions.

Someone is still there,

is the minor part,

of those I have known,

they’re still here.

People who go away,

among a thousand “why?”

without ever understanding anything,

life has upset me.

I miss them,

I still cry,

thinking about them.



I’m a little sad,

thinking that last year,

there was that

that I miss every day

of my life.

They were most,

things that made me feel good.

And now

It is the majority

Things that make me sick.

Most of my friends,

they are like me

and I understand them.

But I can understand everything,

I’m a man




Most of my life,

I went through it without understanding it,

Being sick,

for every time

that this was happening.

Most of me,

was dissatisfied

is sad.

And even if I would like to change everything,


I’m just sad.

And now,

If most of us,

remains without life,

without the joy.

If most of us,

He does not feel good,

I can’t stay there either.

Most of my friends,

He does not feel good.

Most of those who stood by me,

are people who have put up with me,



even when I thought that you were not so understood,

and I wanted more.

Maybe I almost never had

What I deserve,

but I had,

what happened

in hands,

between tears

between the screams.

Wait for me

to fix me up,

between some tears.

ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/12/poesiala-maggior-parte/

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Thank you!



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