Poetry:”Elevate Yourself”

And therefore,

elevate yourself.

if you believe you are not able,

exceed your limit.

Listen to yourself.

I am lucky,

I’ve always had the desire to improve,

to change,

to evolve.

To understand well

Where did I go wrong,

even after hitting your head,

after being

like this

bloody stubborn.



The truth,

is that if I think of a limit,


or I want to get over it,

or leverage,

on the strengths.

What I was not able,

to do yesterday,

I want do it,


And I don’t have it left,

than to elevate myself.

Make me better,

always go


If you want read the original version👉 https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/18/poesiaelevati/

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