#Poetry:”I don’t care about what you think”.

I do not care anymore,

what you think.

They don’t interest me anymore

The judgments.

So much, now I understand,

that you think the bullshit you want.

Do what you like,

so much, I understand,

who prefer to think of lies,

which are more comfortable,

rather than looking at the truth.



You have been corrupted.

And you got me involved too.

For too long,

I thought about what they could

think about others.

And I’ve always tried

To run for cover.

But now,

I saw how much it is not needed.

I’ve seen how much other people,

they engage in this thing,

without ever getting

a result.

And, I understand,

that I have to stop.

I’ll just think,

in my judgment,

that of the others, by now,

it bores me.

If you want read the original version 👉 https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/21/poesianon-mi-interessa-cosa-pensi/

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