#Poetry:”A new Body”.

Piece by piece,

step by step,

a new body.

A new me,

capable of doing,


that the former could not.

A monster,

a giant.

It seems that the world,

around me,

does not exist

more like before.



By now, I’m focused

On me.

The world around,

exists as an entity in itself.

Feel as if

There was a monster,

inside me

who is hungry.

And eat, keep swallowing,

what he finds in front of him

and it gets bigger and bigger.

And so, it seems that I am becoming


It seems that I am capable,

to change,

to fix it up

to many things

that for too long,

I ignored.

And the monster,

goes straight on its way,

it’s so strong,

that does not care,

of those who try to stop it.

And me with him.

Maybe they are


But it is a limit,

that I welcome with open arms,

to be

a better man.

If you want read the original version 👉https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/25/poesiaun-nuovo-corpo/

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