Maybe this time,

I am with someone,

which is a true toxic presence:

the narcissist.

He who every time you criticize him,

he thinks he is faultless,

and flawless

He who takes the freedom of saying

What he wants about you,

but if you point out that he is wrong,

he closes himself in his armor.



The narcissist is the one who believes he is never wrong,

that he thinks too much,

to the judgment of others.

With this narcissist,

I haven’t heard from you for a while.

And, I think it’s better this way,

without even doing anything,

to make this happen.

They can be good people,

but as long as they have narcissism,

they will be toxic presences.

And me,

I tried to save him,

and after years of trying,

I’ve had enough.

Original version (Italian language)

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Lettura:"Il Giro Del Mondo In Ottanta Giorni" -Capitolo 20 Lo Scrittore Volante.

Dopo aver finito: “La Luna e i Falò”, vi leggo un romanzo di Jules Verne, tra i più celebri:” Il giro del Mondo in Ottanta Giorni”. Non l’ho mai letto finora, in realtà, a differenza degli altri, faremo tutti insieme, quindi, questo “viaggio” per la prima volta. D’ora in poi anche in versione video: e, con un po’ di “mosse teatrali”, e cose per far ridere ed intrattenere, aggiungere del colore al podcast e lettura. Mi trovi anche su #Spotify e #AmazonMusic! Se ti va, supportami, seguendo il blog, i miei social media, ascoltando i podcast, e condividendo i miei contenuti!E/o lasciando un like e commento, per farmi sapere se ti è piaciuto! Trovi tutto qui sotto 👇👇👇Blog:
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