Fear Saves you.

Fear saves you

it stays with you.

If you don’t feel like doing a thing,

just don’t do it,

there will be a reason, right?



I didn’t want to confess anything to her,

perhaps, without realizing it,

I didn’t want either,

ruin one thing

so beautiful.

I didn’t want to force myself,

I had to shut up.

Only now, I have learned,

my goodness.

But if, inside me,

I didn’t feel like it,

why force me?

The “advice” often,

they seem like impositions.

“I can’t see you suffer like this!”

So don’t look at me

that then, even if I don’t tell you,

I’m still lousy.

It was better,

if everything remained as it was.

Fear saves,

certain things,

it was better not to change them.

Italian version,

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