Move Forward.

Italian version here.

We should move forward,

we must, go on.

We have to let our roses wither, those that are a bit like those of the “Little Prince”. Not all people are like foxes, it is not always possible to “tame”.

After accepting, you have to go on, unfortunately, it seems there is no other way, to live, to survive. You can’t stay still in one point forever, also because, perhaps, it isn’t good for the other person either, you don’t let time go by.

It is never good for anyone or anything if you stand still.

I began to want a future, I began to believe in myself, after looking for a way to find love in the eyes of the person who could not contain it.

We cannot empty ourselves all the time, we have to fill ourselves up, and fill ourselves with joy.

It was nice, but it could be better,

it was beautiful, but it is not with “era” that you live. The future will see if these people will see each other again, if they still want to see how it is together, and maybe the other person will be better, will have matured, will be able to contain love.

But time ends, when the desire to hug also ends. The urge ends when they reiterate that they have lived in a world of hope and illusion. When you lose control, you also lose hope.

You know you could have done much better: you find yourself making rational reasoning, after all, these are things that have always belonged to you.

After all, there is no other choice than abandoning one’s feelings, in order not to remain still. The future counts, maybe the future person will count, maybe it will count what we will be, and not what we have been.

I wish all these things, basically, I have to say goodbye to a person, to myself, to my past, to move forward.

I’m starting to get better, and will continue, as time goes by.

There is no alternative, everything slowly begins to fade away, along with the anger, the pain, and soon, even thinking about that person.

Moving forward means taking life in hand, and going towards something new, and being reborn, renewing oneself.

I hope that there is also that person, in my future, but in the meantime, I will continue on my path, with hopes and new loves, and fewer illusions.

Goodbye, S ***.

Or rather, see you later, if ever possible.

Goodbye to what we were, what I was.

I go on, see you later, maybe. I don’t really know.

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