Ant-Man: Movie Review.

Italian verison here.

I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago, but I “postponed” the review. I wanted to bring you the various reflections … Now, however, it is almost necessary to bring new and different arguments to my blog. Since that, my period of overthinking is over.

Ant-Man, it’s a Marvel movie, which struck me a little. Oh my God, the same old story is always the same (which is why I haven’t reviewed other films, feeling I have little to say) …

That is, most of the films are (rightly, I would say, being superhero movies, focusing more on certain aspects than others), the protagonists start to do something, which will lead them to meet the villain, and defeat the villain, end .

Marvel is much more “commercial” than DC, but it is precisely for this reason that the Batman films remain in my heart. There, we had found something more, some message.

Marvel movies, (many), seem quite superficial and banal to me. With a few exceptions, especially for the Avengers.

The first Captain America, Doctor Strange and Winter Soldier.

In short, all the others do their entertainment duty.

So why Ant-Man? Perhaps, more than the film that struck me, it was the character, so normal, so atypical, with a less “youthful” life, with adult problems.

I liked him because he wasn’t the usual pumped-up who goes in and “breaks everything”, saying cool phrases.

It could be said that Ant-Man is a loser, he is a criminal who can not fix his life, and falls into the same “vice”.

In short, he is a much more normalized, more human character. With mistakes, regrets and a family, which many superheroes don’t have.

And, for most of the film, no muscular physique is shown, not some “big man”, which in so many Marvel movies, let me say: he has a lot of fucking broken.

In fact, in the scene where he is seen by the girl, with a hint of abs, my arms have fallen. In all these films it seems that he always points to that, but how boring!

However, apart from this small flaw, and the story, which in any case (in my opinion) does not have much originality, we see that great works have been done on special effects.

I mean, the story is nice, of course, but… it’s always quite banal. The bad guy who wants to conquer the world, the usual.

In fact, the thing that struck me most about the story is the unusual character, with unusual abilities. He doesn’t even have a superpower, but a suit that turns him into an ant and guides them.

An original idea, whose credit goes more to the creator of the character than to the film.

But, back to special effects, seeing the world from an ant-man’s point of view is certainly interesting.

And, as I said, the character himself is different because he is normalized; the background of him is of a person, as I said, normal. He has no particular traumatic history behind him. It’s like he’s the “loser” superhero; which attracts sympathy towards him, in my opinion.

So, quite enjoyable movie, nice character and great casting.

For more details, I recommend that you watch it.

My mark: 7.5.

See you next time, yaah.

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