Character Analysis:”Escanor”.

Italian version here.

My favorite character from Seven Deadly Sins, a man initially shrouded in misery. A complete character, which is characterized above all by its dualism Day / Night.

 During the day an invincible being, at night humble, shy, extremely weak and, at times, even depressed.

During the day he has extreme self-confidence, at night he is nothing.

BEWARE OF SPOLIERS: if you haven’t seen / read it, don’t go any further.

He possesses the power of “Sunshine”, power that he has somehow, “inherited” from Mael. And it works the same way for both of them, at noon they get the most of their power.

However, Escanor, being human, risks being consumed by this great power that belongs to the clan of goddesses.

At first, I believed that Escanor had a much more particular power, especially in the clash with Estarossa, he had the power to “decide” to be stronger than the opponent, especially in the scene of: “Who decided that?” as if he actually had the power to decide that he was the strongest, a kind of omnipotence, but that was not the case.

It’s much simpler, Sunshine’s power depends and it’s the sun. Certainly having a sun on your face, it’s not so nice …

His clashes are among the most epic, accompanied by both the character’s Hype and a splendid soundtrack, edited by Sawano, who, among others, also did that of Attack on Titan.

He feels a great love for his companions, who saved him from a bad period, in which his power became more and more unmanageable and terrifying.

He is a character that I liked so much, that every time I waited to see him on the pitch: with extreme ease he is able to defeat almost any opponent.

The only one able to really stand up to him was Meliodas himself.

In the end, however, behind his arrogance, indeed pride, (it is his sin), there is a man of great humility, capable of feeling a deep love and friendship, so great as to sacrifice his life.

This thing, initially, seemed a bit almost forced, as if: “yes, everyone is happy, except him and that’s it!”

After all, if there could have been a real happy ending, as we all hoped perhaps a little, Merlin would have “had” to reciprocate, but the fate of the sorceress was with Arthur, rightly so.

And therefore, a great sense was given to his death and to the end of her, even if… boh, I didn’t like it 100%, I’m telling the truth!

But in the end, here we are, I will always have liked him for a very simple reason: I felt very similar to him.

Character as simple as it is complex …

See y’all next time!

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