Don’t Worry.

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Don’t you ever worry,

don’t you ever feel sorry.

One day,

you’ll miss me,

I’ll always miss you.

Maybe one day,

you’ll come back, too.

But one day,

I’ll be gone.

And this is all so wrong.

You should know,

don’t you?

I’ll just listen

To some nostalgic song.

We’ll think about each other.

I’ll be too late,

but it’s never too late,

to open your heart,

to open that gate.

Maybe, I’ll just always wait,

I’ll always love you,

in every state.

I’m still sending you,

this text,

I’m still writing,

this failed test.

Our past,

was such a mess…

maybe the future,

will be the best.

Still, I hope it doesn’t come too fast.

At last, here I am,

knowing that I’ll be gone,

and that I’m not going to pray God.

Ever, again, until what I want,

will be real.

See you later.

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