Review of:”Castlevania” (Tv series).

Italian version here.


I recently finished the last season, which made me wonder if it was over and, as far as it opens, that’s how it is.

In fact it seemed like a fair ending to the series, even if it left wide doubts about the fate of some interesting characters, including, Isaac himself.

I’ve played a few titles in the series, and my favorite titles have been the 3D ones, the “Lords of Shadow” series.

But, I didn’t play what the series was based on, because I lacked the means to do it.

Anyway, since I knew the video game series, I was attracted to the animated series, which has great merits: first of all the animations. The quality of the drawings, the movements, the fights, you can see that they are the result of a great job, carried out with professionalism, and attention to detail.

I say right away, that I recommend it to you.

(as usual, if you haven’t seen it, be careful: it contains spoilers.)

The story is another component of great depth, it has no “plot hole”, and is also well looked after.

And the characters: each of them has been given a specific role, which they play perfectly: each of them is a cog in the story, not just the protagonists.

We can speak in the plural, since I consider Trevor, Sypha and Alucard, with the same importance. In fact, I liked this space that all the characters have, in fact. With episodes of minutes, dedicated to each of them, with the right “focus”, in my opinion.

Dracula himself, he is a very well cared for character, his story is told so well, that you almost put yourself on his side, when you realize that things like the inquisition have torn too much.

Dracula wanted to take revenge on his beloved, but, after all, how many innocent people had been unjustly burned alive? In a way, it’s as if the old vampire made himself “vox populi”.

Too bad that he then wants to, in reality, condemn the whole of humanity, but “details”.

What a peculiar villain is he, though, right? It is not trivial, and by concentrating on him, one almost pities him, and not only that: we can, for large parts, feel like him.

Him and many other characters. Isaac intrigued me a lot, along with Hector, who, after Dracula’s death, live two completely different paths.

Isaac, it really changes. He understands many things, and he no longer has the same hatred towards humanity that he had learned to despise.

In particular, he stuck with me in the last season, when he talks calmly and wisely with Hector, saying that “they had to go on”, that by now, their life with Dracula had to be left behind. That the attempt to bring him back to life was useless.

“Let him sleep, Hector”.

He talks about a future, he says he never thought about it, because he never thought he had one.

This scene is like it happened at the right time, even for me. I mirrored myself in Isaac, in a certain sense, since for me too, it was time to let go of something from the past, and to start thinking about the future, which is not just an eternal present.

And this is just one of the many characteristics of the plot and the depth given to the characters, which represent, not only themselves and their personalities, but also those of many of us.

A story that has “monsters”, reminding us how much of humanity itself can be, using demons and vampires, as an exaggeration of our desires, desires and ambitions.

I believe that there are numerous philosophical, moral messages, we are often so willing to do so much, that we could do like Saint-Germain.

And, in the last two seasons, there has been a qualitative improvement, it can be said that the absence of Dracula is not weighed at all, it has been replaced worthily.

And again, the animations: in the final fights, they are executed perfectly. Top quality entertainment, capable of making us remain “glued to the chair”.

Intensity, music with the right atmosphere, lights, shots …

I have not found any particular flaws, in short. Perhaps, the first seasons were a bit slow, and perhaps not all the characters had the same charisma, and the same need to be represented.

Anyway, my personal opinion on the series is perfectly positive. I would give it a 9.5.

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