Character Analysys:”Isaac” from Castlevania (tv Series)

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One of the characters in the Castlevania series, who has mutated and has undergone a great character evolution. First of all, Isaac was one who despised humanity and had allied himself with Dracula, because he could somehow “punish” those who had hurt him, and Hector, by isolating them from the world, from society.

However, it seems that the separation from their master, caused by Trevor Belmont himself, which at first was experienced with a certain negativity, since – it can be said – the two in some way depended on the old vampire, in short, it helped in some way both of them understand the world differently.

Isaac is teleported far into a desert. And he begins his own adventure, his own personal journey, which will lead him to live new experiences. In this way, confronting himself with different realities, the young man will meet new people, new cultures, and his fascinating hunger for knowledge, will lead him to change his point of view on many things, and consequently his morality.

This is  how a man should grow, in a way.

He is a person with great intelligence, and fascinates. It seems that he has the most “human” role, he undergoes a vivid process of growth, maturation, evolution. In short, it could be said that after the good Trevor, Isaac is my favorite.

They made him very fascinating, and for large parts, I mirror myself in him. And this is clearly why there is a space in my heart for this character: he understands that he had to go on, that humanity should no longer be “punished”, rather, in his own way, helped.

He will then tell Hector, that it will no longer be time to think about Dracula, to move on, that he never thought about the future, because he always thought he didn’t have one.

They had convinced them that there was only an eternal present. They understand, separating from the man they admired, that without him, they are free. We should all be like Isaac, without killing anyone, but with the same intelligence and wisdom, and with the same enlightened path (in part, we don’t summon demons, and we don’t kill anyone, please).

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