Review:”Ring Fit Adventure”.

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Today I bring you the review of a video game I recently purchased: Ring Fit Adventure.

I played relatively little, a couple of hours of training, but that’s enough to tell you about it! It is a video game that makes you train, practically you carry out fitness training.

And it is complete: that is, as you advance in history, new exercises are unlocked, so that you can train differently.

And thanks to the Joy-con you can also see the pulse, the calories consumed, the kilometers covered by running, and do different exercises to train different parts of the body.

There are yoga exercises, deltoids, pectorals, abs, and I can guarantee they make you sweat. And I underestimated it a bit, but the game also manages to make you understand if you are exaggerating, but I often go further anyway, to overcome my limits, both physical and not …

Through the RingFit, the game detects your movements, you squeeze it to train your arms, it is not a dumbbell, but, perhaps, it is better this way.

The Ring Fit offers resistance, giving us the opportunity to force ourselves and train, in addition, in the game you have to run.

As you progress, you unlock more exercises, conscious of changing movements and training, to do something more complete, dedicating yourself to the whole body, completely.

So, we have various, complete exercises, and after you unlock them you can choose which ones to do.

With the exercises you fight monsters and bosses, we combine business with pleasure.

We have the squats, the delts, the running, the abs… and I don’t know what awaits me, but I’m thrilled.

So far I had trained at home with videos of American coaches, but, maybe this game is better, you try hard, you sweat, but you don’t “kill yourself”, I think it keeps your body more monitored than doing bodyweight. A virtual gym.

Therefore, the video game also has the possibility of being useful, and it is not always that “monster” that many people who do not understand anything often define.

Exercising while having fun playing a video game is a new “frontier”, and Nintendo, as usual, has gone big.

So, in case you want to buy it, I highly recommend it.

Rating: 9.5.

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