Character Analysis: Jim Halpert.

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Today, we have already talked about it in the podcast, by Jim Halpert, one of the characters of American “The Office”.

A rather normal character, he is a fairly simple man-boy, who is entertaining and has the greatest peculiarity, practically, being in love with Pam, a girl who is the secretary, and without directly wanting to, falls in love with her, despite being busy and engaged to Roy.

In the first few seasons, this is the story, it seems very close to the two of them, as if they were the “protagonists”.

I believe that the authors wanted to give him that role, the role of the utopian lover, who, however, in the end wins, unlike us poor mortals, by pointing out how certain men enter very unhealthy paths, out of love.

The difference is that Jim Halpert manages, in the end, to make ends meet her relationship, and in the end, the relationship between Pam and Roy, was not one of the best, in fact.

Somehow Jim makes sure to “awaken” the girl’s true potential, making sure to finally find true love together.

It was as if the girl was satisfied, as if she realized a little late that her relationship was not really for her, even if, you could also say that Jim was wrong.

However, it is said that in love and war “all means are lawful”.

These are concepts that can be debated.

After all, after the two get together, Jim’s character loses its appeal.

After completing the semi-fairytale heroic feat, we realize his incredible normality, and that’s right, because in the end, it’s nothing special. It is only in those situations.

But that’s not bad, you don’t have to leave anything behind.

Because after the first series, he leaves (momentarily) the Pam track, and stays with another girl, but afterwards they find each other again, and finally fall in love with each other.

Man’s ability to be in the chaos of love, to go back and forth.

Because Jim, it seems to be the representation of a man we would like to be a bit of everyone, who in the end, his “war” wins it.


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