“A New World” – part 9.

Part 8 here.

Italain version here.


Often, however, love is a demon. Especially if he has lived only on one side, if the two do not meet.

If one person takes a step forward, and the other backwards, there will never be unity.

The eraculator was a good, romantic person, not as capable as it was possible that he had made such a bad effect on those he loved. He often closed himself in paranoia, believing he was wrong.

But he came to the conclusion that, whoever makes you feel wrong, he doesn’t love you.

Despite this, despite the fact that hatred and indifference now flowed between that man and that woman, the man in his visions saw that they were together in the future.

Well yes: The heraculator saw his future, above all through dreams. In fact, he had dreamed that he would meet Gugu and Randurass.

In fact, the last words with the “real” her were threats, insults, which, however, the man ignored. When they arrived, he was no longer feeling anything. They didn’t even scratch it.

He was like a little fish, he collided with the Titanic.

He couldn’t understand how he went from so much kindness to so much hatred and wickedness. Certainly, such people were not capable of loving.

Whoever makes you feel wrong doesn’t love you.

– How come this happens? And what do you want me to know? – He told himself, Alone. -I tried to understand humanity, but the more I tried, the more she seemed less and less human. The more they gave me the monster, the more the real monsters seemed to me.

So what about? He was quite disillusioned.

This happened while they were leaving the island, and Gugu asked him what he wanted to do.

– For me, fighting seems pointless now. After the insults received, the hope became null and void.

–              So? What will you do for the one who deceived you? Don’t you want revenge?

– Revenge is for fools. It wouldn’t make me that different from them.

– But they, they want you dead.

– I no longer understand what is right or wrong …

– Should I kill them?

– Would you like to punish them?

–              A bit.

The three found themselves back on the ground.

– Let’s go home, for starters. – Said the man.

The three did so, and returned home without incident.

He had only one intention: to go back to being the conqueror and king of his world, of his city, of his heart.

He went home, where that inanimate body was, and asked Randurass to tear it open.

From the torn chest of that body, a child emerged, covered with light.

It was the shape of man’s heart, it was Carandass.

The little boy let himself be taken and lifted, and with his hands around his neck he hugged the man.

–              Forgive me. – Said the child. – evidently I fell in love with the wrong person …

– No old buddy. Forgive me you. It’s my fault.

– But I believed it …

– Maybe, we really saw good in her, but she herself was afraid of the good. She did not want to take the hand that was being held out. They gave love a definitive kick. But now you are back, this is the important thing.

– And now, what will happen?

– A war, unfortunately. As always happens with those who can’t get along.


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