Review:”Haven” of Dark Tranquillity”.

Italian version here.

“Invite the darkside in …

In … in … in …

Into my Haven “

We already talked about one of my favorite bands when their latest album came out: “Moment”.

But I was a little more “raw”, let’s say.

However, I must say that the 2000 album was one of the best, for me the best turning point between the “old” and “New” DTs. In Haven we can hear a definitive shift towards Melodic Death. For me, unlike the previous albums, here there is a real “turning point”, a real change.

The first song, which I loved at first listen: “The Wonders at your feet”, introduces us perfectly to the “new world”.

The quality of the music rises, there is a greater use of electronic instruments, of the keyboard, and something mature is heard.

I love these electronic effects, also used in the next song: “No Biuld to Last”, and a little bit also: “Indifferent Suns”.

One of the most beautiful is undoubtedly the titletrack, which also uses these effects a lot, which we could define as experimental.

In fact, I have not seen their use replicated so much, perhaps it was not very convincing? Oh well.

Then the concept of the text itself, which says to invite “one’s dark side” into one’s “refuge”.

Anyway, another masterpiece of the band, which I must say is one of the “old” which is my favorite, that every time I listen to it again, I discover “new things”.

Like some chords and effects that I had missed on other occasions. It is a different album from both the previous ones and the following ones, as I said. Probably this, as I said, was a kind of “springboard”.

Also because the previous one (Prjector) and the next one (Damage Done) did not fully convince me.

I would say that from “Character” onwards, that “string” of albums that are my favorites begins.

I’m short, it’s the weekend, understand me.

See y’all next time.

Rating: 9.


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