I am responsible for my actions, but not for what you create about them and how you interpret them.

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I am responsible for my actions, but not for what you create about them and how you interpret them.

All too often, it has happened to me that people not only misunderstand, but also have a bad habit of misrepresenting your actions, and understanding what they wanted about them.

I happened to be threatened, because someone wanted to understand that I was an outlaw, a madman, a schizophrenic.

Well, at 32, I have to laugh bitterly, and I understand that for some things, it’s not worth blaming.

Do you know what it is, you who are reading? That at a certain point, no one knows you better than you know yourself, it is you who have felt on your skin, and on your body, every effort, every tear, every suffering.

Certainly, someone who BELIEVES they understand you can’t come and tell you what you are like. You know very well that you have never done anything so serious, but watch them dance in the paranoia they have, they, who told you and tell you they were crazy.

Clearly, I am not, never have been, and never will be. But, I understand, by now, that some people find it convenient to do so, as they say? Looking at the finger and not the moon? That’s right, that’s right.

And the finger is dirty, let’s remember.

And then, who threatens you, who almost wants to push you to be as they want, to repent, to apologize, well … First of all they are certainly not friends, but then they are not even as candid and holy as they want to believe.

And a person can be good but never stupid. Indeed, people who are truly with a heart of gold are smarter, because they understand good and evil, and decide not to be like something that disgusts them.

At some point, who treats us badly, who CLAIMS you to be one way, deserves something? Absolutely not.

Who expects explanations for your every action, etc … Nono, in the end we are free, and we should be.

And free ourselves forever from those who do these things.

And I’ve become a little apathetic, should I be pissed off? Disappointed? Ninth. I don’t feel anything anymore.

And, given this fact, I no longer feel like going crazy over someone else’s thoughts.

I am 32 years old, I think I can say very well on my own who I am, what I want, and what I feel. If I wanted to feel free to go out naked on the street, I would.

Too many people have allowed themselves to tell me what to do, and pretend to be in a way that I am not and never will be.

I do not think it is so rational and healthy, to spend time and life with those who do nothing but expect from you.

Keep your sad world of untruths,

God bless you, so that one day, you will understand all the evil you have done.

Because it was better to lose you,

the real monsters are you.


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