This Tomorrow.

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This tomorrow,

that is not up to you.

This tomorrow,

which does not depend on mine

“Get your attention”.

This tomorrow,

in which I am not falling,

but you,

into the deepest abyss.

This tomorrow,

will not come back to look for you,

because I still have my dignity.

And now, that without you, I’m much better,

I know that certainly, it’s not up to you,

what do you want from,

from your looks,

but only by me.

I’m sorry, but you know,

I really don’t think you won.

“A retractable desert

A laconic rodeo, and you fall … “

“This tomorrow – he won’t come back for you

This tomorrow – it doesn’t depend on your looks

This tomorrow – just live and accept me

This tomorrow – This tomorrow – This tomorrow “

I’m free now.

And for far too long,

I thought I was not.

But when a person reveals herself for what she is,

I can finally open my eyes.


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