A New World – part 10.

Part 9 here.

Italian version here.


It was all over, by now man could feel different parts of himself, now dead, missing, finished.

After so much violence, he was tired of nothing but “war”, he didn’t want to fight at all, he just wanted to find peace, but, unfortunately, it didn’t depend only on him.

In fact, he knew that by now, he had no other choice, but he did not possess particular fighting knowledge: he had to leave it to his companions.

This made him laugh, given his anger, with which he could no longer go on, he still had something … terrible, yes.

He never wanted to do anything violent, but he always wanted to vent his frustration and dissatisfaction in some way.

But often, after all, there was nothing left but a few tears, after having been so wrong.

But now, what was his goal?

– What is there to do now? We can leave, there is nothing to do here. – He affirmed.

– So, are you ready for the new life? – I ask Gugu.

– Maybe, not yet.

–              Come with us. -Suggested Randurass.

The demon initially led the two companions to the place where they had initially seen each other, where Ceppe and Guguceppe were also there.

As we know, the snake, since it was the “anger” of the Heraculator, had been left free, however, the other appeared there and greeted them.

There he was, with one part of his brain exposed, and the other alive, part of his face was burned, a monster.

He was basically very silent, that time he said to the man only one thing:

– I’m your past.

They wanted to take the man to another place, and so, again they wanted to move, Gugu declared that he wanted to use a hot air balloon. The of him.

However, it was placed in an abandoned place, a little far away.

So, they all went together where he wanted the demon to lead them.

The eraculator had had visions, he knew where they were going, he had dreamed of some things.

And he was kind of weird, but lately, his Deja-vu sensations were increasing.

He felt as if he had lived up to those moments, just to live them, and not only that: he had foreseen, despite everything that had happened between him and that person, that somehow, they would get back together.

But the time had come to stop thinking about it once and for all, and to live, in fact, in the “new world”.

However, it was not said that he would have succeeded so easily, in fact, the past was there, next to him.

They came in front of a large tower, made of both iron and wood. It almost looked like the Eiffel Tower, however, it was very strange. In some places it was larger, in others it was uncovered and only the beams were visible, in others it was not.

Suddenly, some beings appeared: one was like Randurass, he had the head of a gaza thief, he had a purple suit, a black scarf, and a purple top hat, with a huge grip of the same color, which gave off electric shocks.

He was accompanied by a large black man, in armor of the same color, armed with a halberd.

And by another man, shorter and fatter, armed with a rifle.

They seemed to be determined to stop them.

Gugu said to the Heraculator:

– Go, hurry up, we’ll stop them.

The man with the head of a magpie immediately pointed to Randurass, who said:

– Ah, do I recognize them, that they are here to take revenge when I had entered the fortress?

–              What are you talking about? – Asked the Heraculator.

– Go, go away! – Gugu yelled, as he began to fight with the knight.

And so the man ran, headed for that great tower.

The entrance consisted of a large wooden door, he turned for a second, before crossing it, and looked at his companions. He had to face that test alone, or so he believed


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