Review:”Heavy is The Head” (Stormzy)

Italian version: here.

Today, like every Saturday, music review.

In my library, after Haven, is Stormzy’s “Heavy is The Head”.

I know the latter, thanks to the song that happened to me, opening youtube, it was the period in which the movement broke out for the first time: “Black Lives Matter”. (I don’t think there is a need to explain what it is).

And so, after hearing that song, I had decided to explore Stormzy’s “world” better, and here we are.

I thought he was American, he will tell you; instead I found out that he is British. (In fact, paying more attention to his accent, I must say that can tell he is). And he is the first English MC I listen to, to be honest.

In short, “Heavy is The Head”, to be made by someone who is not American, is as if it were made by one of those, at least in terms of themes, flows, and bases.

And perhaps this is the thing that struck me the most: someone who is not in America is as good as many of them, if not better.

Someone might say: “why shouldn’t it?” and you would be right. Except, how to say? Let’s say that usually, those who live in America have a more stormy past, and unfortunately, they suffer (I think we can say), the greatest racism in the world.

It is like saying that they, being the main protagonists, have always had a different effect on me, as if they had more “street credility”. But it is clear that all over the world, the difference is still highlighted, clearly incorrectly, between one man and another man.

I wanted to specify these things, because I believe they are connected to music, especially that made by those who, in fact, are the protagonists of these ugly matters.

In fact, I believe that hip-hop music was born as a form of protest, of expression for their condition.

However, this Stormzy album is of great quality: you can hear it without “skipping” any track. We have both the lightest and the heaviest ones. (in the sense of rhythm, and indeed, thematic).

Even the video of the song with which I met him is beautiful and moving for me: it promotes equality and underlines the fact that in our own way, we are all … Superheroes.

Also beautiful is the dedication to Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played the excellent Black Panther. (The review of this film will arrive on Wednesday).

It’s a very nice album, great bases, great collaborations, a small masterpiece. He’s excellently crafted, and Stormzy is really very good and versatile, he has great flow.

The songs are fun, lively, and slow and thoughtful. In short, it is complete.

I’ll give it a nice 9.5… See you next week.

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