Too many changes in the movie world? Let’s talk about that!

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Lately, I’ve been getting into the Marvel cinematic world. I noticed, (not only in the case of films), that for some time, there has been an excess of awareness in the entertainment world.

The thing that “worries me” is the obvious forcing of certain canons, of introducing characters, which belong only to a specific community.

As for the world of superheroes, as far as I’m concerned, and knowing people who are passionate about it, I think there is no real need to sensitize those who are already sensitized.

I believe that people like me who are passionate about these things are by no means homophobic, misogynist, or racist. Indeed, we are talking about people who (I think), “need” some superhero, to see utopian characters who defend the weakest. Perhaps many of us feel protected by such figures.

Maybe that’s also why superheroes were born… or not?

Let’s be clear: I have nothing against female characters, black characters, etc. if done well, what perplexes me is the forcing of their presence, especially in historically male and straight characters.

I would suggest creating special characters who can be “representatives” and / or actual champions of the principle or the communities to which they belong.

But in the case of the superhero world… I don’t think there is even a need. I believe that it is more important to transmit values, and they transmit them “regardless”, being the champions of justice, and fighting against evil.

If, however, it is necessary to do these things, I repeat: it is better to create a new character that fully embodies these characteristics, rather than using some already existing ones, in my opinion it would be better.

But the basic problem remains, many people can stay and would still remain indifferent to the existence of similar characters, so we should not intervene using entertainment decks, but in education, in the social and family contexts of people, to avoid that grow in a certain way.

And I know this well, as a graduate and postgraduate in education: I studied how it works.

If someone grows up … incorrectly, it is often the fault of the family and social situation.

I, having been born and raised in a good family, know that I do not have the slightest desire to harm a woman, considering them something “inferior”, just as I have no homophobia, or racism, any trace of this.

Then, in films like “Endgame”, there is an excess of characters, making it difficult to manage the scenes, and also, thus, also ruining the female character, in itself, in my opinion. If you do things, almost necessarily, they turn out badly.

The dissemination of a principle must be managed so that it can be done in the right way.

I note that, even in the world of sport, they are widespread but often there are various hypocrisies (see the super cup in countries where women’s rights are very lacking). And not only that, but they are also spread there in a forced and superficial way.

Perhaps it is not wise to entrust the management of certain topics to these circles, don’t you think?

I believe that this excess of “politically correct” is working badly, and is often seriously counterproductive.

Perhaps it is too ostentatious, even in the case of raising awareness of climate change. Perhaps, the mass media do not spread the messages in the right way, and why? Because the task is not theirs, they are not the ones who have to educate.

They should give more space to the world of teaching, and, among other things, entrust it to the youngest, who grew up with different principles than the older ones, who some have obsolete ideas, or are even old fascists …

In short, there would be nothing better than renovating the school, and such systems, which is also said by many experts (at least, for what I have studied). In America too, of course. I would say a little everywhere.

What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments.


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