Character Analysis:”Garou”.

Italian version: here.


Let’s talk about another One-Punch Man character: Garou. I do it because the figure of him struck me and interests me a lot. He is a character characterized by various facets.

In fact, although he declares himself a “mysterious being”, he is not a monster who destroys and massacres everything and everyone. Since, when it was time to protect the innocent boy, he was willing to put his life at risk, to prevent an innocent person from getting involved in his personal “war” against heroes.

Among other things, he decides never to kill him, he always leaves them without energy and unconscious, without ever finishing them. It seems that his purpose is simply to prove that he is the strongest.

Like any self-respecting fighter, he has the desire to compete against the strongest opponents, including him.

He is undoubtedly a strong character, which creates a certain “hype”, since he was the best pupil of Silver Fang. Indeed, his skill, his talent and his strength are indisputable.

He manages to survive against all odds, even in situations of probable failure.

He is tireless: even seriously injured, he always manages to have the strength to fight, incredible.

Like other martial arts characters, he can’t live without a fight, practically.

We have a focus on his past: we see him as a child, being cut off, and being alone, he is used by children as a “loser”. He’s always the bad guy, he’s the one who gets beaten up, and from the point of view of others, he’s always the one who’s wrong.

As he himself said, it was not true. But since the other kids were more popular than him, eventually the message came out that he was the bad guy.

And that’s what struck me the most: a character with various shades, one in which many of us can find ourselves.

From a certain point of view, Garou is what many would be tempted to be: someone strong enough to take revenge against the world that he has always isolated, put aside.

He is exactly the underdog, he plays the role flawlessly.

In short, a character in which we can find ourselves but he is bad? Perhaps what we would become if we ever heard that voice in our brains that really wanted revenge.

He is really an interesting character, to be carefully analyzed, as I just did.

We will see how he goes in the next …

let me know what you think!


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