“A New World” – part 11.

Part 10: here.

Italian version: here.


The man had finally entered the bizarre building, saw on his left a table with a luminous stone, to the right of the wooden stairs.

He knew that he had to climb, however, that luminous stone, he did not know if it was there to shed light, or for something else. He was almost tempted to take it, but… it was too big.

He started up the stairs, for some strange reason, by himself, visions came into his mind.

He saw various scenarios, in which he made different choices, in which he tried to behave differently, but, in the end, each path led to the same goal: in any case, he lost it, they got lost. The thing was not destined to persist.

So even if he avoided doing certain actions, was he destined to find himself in that new world?

And how was it possible that he could see these things in that place?

The climb seemed very long, while his companions fought against those mysterious beings.

Randurass fought against the magpie man, his “counterpart”. The enemy was really dangerous, from his bizarre weapon, purple sparks came out that threatened to electrocute him.

The crow-man, possessed of great skill and fighting spirit, knew that such an opponent was not easy.

In the meantime, not even Gugu was getting along calmly: he used bizarre magic against the Black Knight: from his hands emitted green smoke, but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

On the other hand, the big enemy wielded a large halberd, which he maneuvered with simplicity, despite his size. He looked bad too!

Instead, Guguceppe, against the one who pointed the rifle at him, seemed to be better placed: he too used a ranged weapon: he had transformed his arm into a cannon that fired bright blue balls: his enemy was hit: it didn’t seem enough agile to dodge them.

In fact, he received injuries, which forced him to seek shelter.

The demon did not know whether to pursue him: he feared it was some kind of trap.

He then fired a few shots at the knight who was attacking Gugu, but they had no effect.

He thought for a while whether or not to follow his opponent, when a rifle shot hit him in the head; the demon did not aim, and blue blood fell from his temple.

He decided to look for the enemy, who now seemed to have disappeared into thin air: he regretted his choice of him.

Meanwhile, the eraculator heard voices asking him:

– What would you do if you went back? Are you sure it would change something? But in any case, it would be the same thing. Maybe just a one in a million chance, it could get you what you want …

After the flight of stairs, he came to a huge spherical-shaped room, with wooden beams, full of triangular-shaped holes that showed the outside.

It was a beautiful day, a few clouds, it was clear. It wasn’t very cold.

The voice he heard seemed to come from another bright, blue stone, smaller.

– Take me, and I’ll get you back.

He didn’t know whether to obey. After all, did he really want to go back?

He stopped to reflect, almost in a dream; a scream from Gugu made him catch up, he had to hurry.

He instinctively took that mysterious stone, and continued to climb the stairs.

He felt, however, as he ascended, lighter and lighter. Like this…

He came at the end, to a large attic, he was almost at the top of the tower, so high, that the screams of battle did not reach him.

He saw that to get to the balloon, he had to do something complicated: in that attic everything was full of old black and white photographs.

Faded memories, hopes, dreams. Many things had changed, many things had died.

There was another part of the tower above him, he didn’t know how to reach it, it was where the balloon was … it was all full of gears.

Somehow, he understood that those gears were parts of himself, memories that he had to tidy up. So he did, as in a dream … and the way opened. He wasn’t thoughtful or grieved by those memories, he seemed to be much more rational.

He understood, in fact, that the past, even if it changed, remained the same. Only with two things could it be different: never having met certain people, or being much, much more discreet and indifferent. Colder.

As now, he was capable of being, and he liked being. Because he didn’t want anyone to understand him, in order to possibly hurt him.

Finally, he saw that to get from the balloon, he had to climb a ladder suspended in the air. Surreal!

He arrived at his destination very quickly, took the green balloon, and let himself go. He was very tall up there, he couldn’t even see his companions anymore.

He felt so… damn light.


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