Dear Anger.

Italian version: here.


Hello, old friend,

dear anger,

since childhood,

you have always been a faithful companion.

I have often detested you,

for what you made me do,

when you totally possessed me.

Other times I have understood you, and listened to you,

understanding that, if you exist, there was a reason.

If I only got angry under certain circumstances,

there was a reason.

And it is thanks to you,

that, in the end,

I have strayed away from circumstances,

that made you be born, alive, and thrive.

Now, calm down,

we have to go away,

and you, you have to become something less destructive,

that does not let me vent,

or write something, which may scare somebody,

and mysellf, in the very end.

May violence always remain metaphorical,

and imaginative.


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