Character Analysis: Captain America. (From the Avengers’ movies).

Italian version: here.


Cap, the superhero who first made me love the Marvel movie series.

Most likely due to the talent of the actor himself: the good Chris Evans.

The first film: “Captain America: The First Avenger”, is the essential. We see a man who could not even be a soldier, then turned into a super-soldier. In short, his first characteristic is the usual one: being the underdog.

In short, from “loser” to the strongest of the group.

But this thing is not the most important thing, since, afterwards he becomes a hero, fighting against Red Skull, a villain that I liked a lot, also because he was portrayed by one of my favorite actors: Hugo Weaving.

Cap is one of the most charismatic characters along with Iron Man. In fact, he becomes a leader, who then, in Civil War, contrasts with the other.

Gifted with a great nobility of soul, consistency, and even obstinacy.

Some of these things can be considered as flaws, in fact I don’t think you can give 100% right or wrong to either of them in “Civil War.”

However, stay steadfast in your beliefs. It’s a feature that can be praised, after all, even if someone else might think it’s wrong.

And, at the end of Endgame, (or any spoilers, if you haven’t seen it) when Cap sees that he goes back in time to be with the love of his life, it is something that moves: one can only be happy for him, a kind of consolation for the viewer, after Stark’s death.

In the end, someone like him could only be a romantic: carrying on the characteristic principles of justice, which are part of superheroes.

Principles perhaps a little chivalrous, let’s say. Belonging magates more to the time from which he came, after all, or not?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons, of the contrasts between those who wanted and could adapt like Stark, and those who didn’t, like him.

I am very sorry to have “lost” it after Endgame. I must say that I loved him very much, and I already miss him… but we’ll see.

There are many things to see, with these multiverses, after all, or not?

See y’all next week!

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