“A New World” – part 12.

Part 11 here.

Italian verison Here.

The man did not have real control over the balloon, he felt that she would be the one to lead him where he should, so he let himself go. He felt the wind run across his face, and he looked into the future, into the new world.

In the meantime, his friends were still fighting: Randurass was put a little under pressure by his opponent, the magpie had a great fighting ability.

Gugu was in a little bad too, it was time to get serious.

Randurass gestured with his hand, placed the katana in front of the enemy with his right hand, and took up a pistol, a mercy, the Spanish pistols of yore.

He shot the magpie, which he dodged quickly, but it was just a gesture to buy time: the crow man’s right eye lit up with green, and a luminous trail enveloped him.

He had become faster and stronger: he attacked his enemy with rapid and violent blows: the difference in strength between the two was reversed.

Gugu, looked at him, and said, taking off the top hat:

– Well, the time has come to hurry.

The demon completely changed his appearance: he became a black and red being, with a humanoid aspect, but also a mechanical and alien one.

He looked like a cyborg: but not only that: he seemed to be connected to some big mainframe: as if he were a great artificial intelligence, and, probably he was.

– My real name is Shanrass. – He said. – This is the height of my power.

He began firing at the black knight, red rays, which immediately made the mighty enemy retreat.

He tried to defend himself with his big black shield, but it melted, and broke, so did his helmet:

you could see the man’s face: he had a long black beard, and long black curly hair that fell off his shoulders.

He was very strong, but he had found a worthy opponent.

– Get them out of the way! – Randurass shouts.

The crow man made his sword collide with the enemy’s weapon, a green glow was seen between the two: the wrench was finally destroyed.

Quickly, Randurass transformed into a flock of undead crows, which began to eat the flesh of the magpie man, who screamed in pain.

Finally, Guguceppe too, without transforming himself into anything, managed to eliminate his enemy, shooting blue energy rays at him.

As soon as all the enemies died, the three had the feeling that they knew them, but they didn’t want to think too much about it.

– How do we get to our mate now? Randurass asked.

– Having eliminated his enemies, there is no rush, we can take our time. Or wait for it here. You look fine? Shanrass asked.

–              Yes, of course. They weren’t a danger, after all. He wanted this fight.

–              Very good…

–              And now?

– And now… he will find the truth. He has to do it alone, after all

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