“The World, Chico…”#Scarface -Review.

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I have never been a great watcher of films, but … it will be the fact that having often been shut up at home, I went to watch some of them.

And here we are: Scarface, a 1983 film, with an Al Pacino at the height of his career. A great actor, without a doubt.

Tony Montana, a fairly mysterious character, at first. He is quite cryptic, but one thing is certain: he wants more.

He is a man who does not look anyone in the face to get what he wants. An ambitious one, one who comes “from below” and does nothing but push hard to get it. He wants: “The world, chico. And everything that’s inside “.

Even though he is a criminal, this film almost has the message to inspire you, to be ambitious too not to settle. This is where one of the first important things of the film arises: being on the side of the criminal, of Tony. A bit like I was on the side of Walter White, the protagonist of “Breaking Bad”. (I hope you have seen it …)

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#Review of “#DemonSlayer”.

Unfortunately, so far, there is only one season of Demon Slayer: a season that has fascinated me a lot. The story is of a little boy who lives in a snowy mountain, lives a peaceful life …

One day, however, the demons that he believed were just a legend, they will do something bad … I knew him by fame and I was curious to watch him, he still exceeded expectations.

A good character, a good story. Yes, because Tanjiro is a character to be respected: one who is fully committed, kind, honest, strong. When he makes a mistake, he does everything to improve: I think it’s a nice educational concept to convey.

By working hard to achieve a goal: admirable, admirable!

In short, I respect Tanjiro: even if he does not actually exist. However, the creator of him deserves esteem, therefore, for having given it to us. He does not hold back despite difficulties and obstacles, although these may also be bigger than him. He doesn’t throw himself down: he has the strength to get up. Wonderful!

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#Review of #Monsterboy

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Indie games give that sense of old and new together: the experience of a flavor between what we were, and what we are.

Virtually contemporary 2D. What is Monster Boy? It is a game inspired by its “parent”: Wonder Boy. Both played on my beloved Nintendo Switch. There is this return of the old titles, and new ones are being made … And that’s not bad: absolutely. Of course, the difference between Wonder Boy and Monster Boy is that one is indie, the other was arcade. Specifically, I played Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap: the remake of the game dated 1989 …

I think it’s very famous. (Caparezza himself mentions it in “Abiura di Me”). This new title has a different protagonist: Jin, but even with this we have transformations very similar to those of Wonder Boy, the mechanics are similar. Change the story and something else.

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