#Review of:”The Good Place”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/05/recensione-di-thegoodplace/


It took me relatively little time to finish this series, which ended perhaps too soon.

Perhaps, from the ending, one can think that they had run out of ideas. He did not convince me … at first glance it seemed too hasty.

But let’s not talk too much about the ending, in case you are interested in watching it, I don’t want to spoil anything, at least not in these first lines.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is “The Good Place”? A fairly light series, at least at the beginning, which speaks of a hypothetical “afterlife”. The protagonist (Eleanor) seems to have ended up in the “good place” by mistake and from there begins the real incipit of the story.

However, the series evolves every time and surprises … And now, to make an in-depth analysis, it seems difficult not to tell about things that also take place in the plot.

That is, I would not be able to do an in-depth analysis if I had to think about not making too many spoilers.

I will try not to say precise things, but I warn you that what I am about to write is for those who have seen it all, or almost, so let’s go:

So, since we are in a hypothetical “other part”, it must be said that the authors’ idea is original, psychological, philosophical.

People are judged too rigidly or superficially to end up in hell (the bad place) for reasons that are ultimately negligible and not so serious.

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#Review and Thoughts about ” #DoctorWho”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/14/recensione-e-pensieri-sulla-serietv-doctorwho/


Small premise: I’m dusting off an old article that I wrote years ago for another blog … (So I don’t make any effort eheheeheh …) Joking aside: it’s my favorite series and even if there are references to Christmas, in this article, anyway fully reflected my thoughts on it. (Although I am the public, it is not Christmas, of course …)


Christmas, an occasion that always seems to last for months, but which is actually only a week or ten days, a party in which you look for warmth in fireplaces or radiators, and sometimes simply in loved ones, for fans of the “Doctor Who “There is something more special than gifts, parties and the feeling of being free to eat without thinking about the diet. The special Christmas episodes, in fact, always have Christmas themes, and in the episode it is always Christmas, more or less.

More or less yes, because clearly with the doctor, you never know. Let’s start from the basics: for those unfamiliar with this famous series, and who might want to see it. What is the Doctor? The doctor is not exactly human, or at least not terrestrial.

His appearance is humanoid but he is a time lord: an alien race that exists on the planet called “Gallifrey”. So what are the lords of time? Living beings capable of moving in time and space with spaceships equipped with advanced technology, called TARDIS. They also have the ability to change their appearance and evolve over time, becoming even more advanced.

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#Tvseries #Review: ” #Lucifer”.

Click here for Italian/original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2020/10/27/recensione-pensiero-su-lucifer/


The series, #Lucifer has quickly become one of my all time favorites. Started seeing during #lockdown, (a little earlier, but it was my most frequent company).

Obviously seen on #Netflix. A TV series about Lucifer himself, even if inspired by the #Marvel character. Personally I have always enjoyed these fantastic stories, based on characters from biblical religion or mythology. Angels and demons, along with #Vampires, have always been among my… um.

Among the creatures I preferred the most, regardless of their actual existence or not. For vampires, maybe one day I’ll come back to it, but the main reason was one of my favorite video games of all time: the Legacy of Kain series.

But notice the preambles, what is this series about? A Lucifer with human features, who initially mixes with humans, and leads a life … “reckless”.

He’s doing drugs, alcohol, sex … and runs the Lux. Being the devil he has no sexual preferences or limits, he will never be sick from drugs, as he is immortal. Well, a dream life, having a place called “lux”, very popular, living in the attic of the same building. Luxury. The devil wears Prada, and also other designer clothes, with perennial elegance. Jacket, shirt, but he almost never has a tie. But it’s not all so pink and flowers, since he escaped from hell, there are those who want to bring him back there …

And now, maybe I could say some spoilers, but I’ll try not to. But if I didn’t, how could I describe the beauty of the series?


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