And make all the plans in the world,

and then everything disappears

in a second.

You have become lost:

there is no more balance,

your universe has changed.

And you are no longer yourself,

you are immersed.

You change,

it’s like shedding,

like a snake,

that always changes.

So spit it out,

everything that sucks.

That here you cannot let life,

You can’t let a moron picks it up.


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E fai tutti i piani del mondo,

e poi sparisce tutto

in un secondo.
Sei diventato perso:

non c’è più equilibrio,

è cambiato il tuo universo.

E non sei più te stesso,

sei immerso.

Si cambia,

è come fare la muta,

come un serpente,

che cambia sempre.

 Quindi, sputa,

su tutto quello che fa schifo.

Che qua non puoi lasciare che la vita,

la prenda in mano un deficiente.


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#Poetry:”Then, I’ll go away.”

“Then I’ll go away”,

the answer to every problem,

this desire to escape,

to do nothing

to solve things,

together with experience,

and awareness,

not to be able to.

Yet at some point,

you are faced with a choice:

“Becoming adults or Being big”.

And so, stay there


wondering what the right choice is.

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