#Poetry:”Toxic relationships”.

You declare yourself a friend,

and expect things from me.

You do not understand,

how wrong is this?

Friendships are spontaneous,

your way of doing,

it’s toxic.

You don’t accept me,

you are like others.

You look at me badly,

you’re just a jerk

which is better to lose.

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#Poetry:”Healthier Thoughts”

Click here for Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/20/poesiapensieri-piu-sani/


Then, that day comes,

when you don’t feel bad or worse,

when you just stop,

to think about all is lost.

At least, just strating to…

Insteand of feeling pain and paranoia, too.

Just starting to have nice sleep,

nicer thoughts and dreams…

Starting to let go, whatevr you didn’t accept,

even to care less, about what’s left..

in your mind, a new asset,

no more a mess.

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