#Poetry:”Nothing wong with me”.

For Italian version, check it here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/12/poesianulla-di-sbagliato-in-me/


Yes, I do have flaws,

I do mistakes,

but I have goals,

I’m not fake.

I always want to fix stuff,

So, I want to go beyond my limits,

until it’s enough.

I want to do my best,

until I’m gonna last!

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#Poetry:”Trust Myself”.

We’re lonely people,

in the end.

What does it matter,

if we can’t trust ourselves?

It is really worth to speak with friends?

I can’t.

I can’t do some sacrifices,

if it won’t make me happy,

with all of those advices,

I don’t follow…

I wanted from my friends,

some perfect answer,

like made of gold and wrote on paper.

Like a manual of chamber,

and commanders.

In the end,

time to take back the life of this man…

The reason why I fail,

it’s because I was constantly afraid.

Afraid of me of losing this game,

losing the people of my reign.

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The (un)Perfect world.

What do you want me to tell you,

my friend?

You keep saying

This world is bad.

What do you want me to tell you,

while you keep saying

that I’m wrong,

I want to look upon this world

With my own eyes?

I’ve chosen to be like this.

I may be sometimes, naive.

You’d tell me that is not worth it.

But my heart tells me otherwise.

Believe in people,

love them,

try to be a better person.

To be in peace with ourselves,

With no limits,


Perhaps it won’t matter to you,

but it does to me.

You keep telling me my flaws,

my limits,

everything i want to go beyond,

get better.

Plus Ultra.

Not giving up,

not going to separate,

hate me.

I see in the eyes of people who could love me,

or they do love me,

they don’t see my flaws, my limits,

the some kind of monster you say.

I want to embrace,

not push away.

Want to feel myself embraced,

not rejected.


no hate.

Love me,

not hate me.

This is

The (un)perfect world.