#Review and Thoughts about ” #DoctorWho”.

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Small premise: I’m dusting off an old article that I wrote years ago for another blog … (So I don’t make any effort eheheeheh …) Joking aside: it’s my favorite series and even if there are references to Christmas, in this article, anyway fully reflected my thoughts on it. (Although I am the public, it is not Christmas, of course …)


Christmas, an occasion that always seems to last for months, but which is actually only a week or ten days, a party in which you look for warmth in fireplaces or radiators, and sometimes simply in loved ones, for fans of the “Doctor Who “There is something more special than gifts, parties and the feeling of being free to eat without thinking about the diet. The special Christmas episodes, in fact, always have Christmas themes, and in the episode it is always Christmas, more or less.

More or less yes, because clearly with the doctor, you never know. Let’s start from the basics: for those unfamiliar with this famous series, and who might want to see it. What is the Doctor? The doctor is not exactly human, or at least not terrestrial.

His appearance is humanoid but he is a time lord: an alien race that exists on the planet called “Gallifrey”. So what are the lords of time? Living beings capable of moving in time and space with spaceships equipped with advanced technology, called TARDIS. They also have the ability to change their appearance and evolve over time, becoming even more advanced.

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