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Maybe I’m a damn masochist,

to belive in people,

to hope in a better tomorrow,

this is basis, like a rapist,

of hopes and dreams,

Of my believs.

I’m just a fool,

loving a person,

who doesn’t love me,

I was like a tool,

for this life, ain’t no school,

but I’m still tying to be cool.

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So many faces,

I change.

So many masks, i wear.

For everything I love and swear.

To hide my tears,

to forget my fears.

I just do that,

when I’m alone,

I want to be on my own.

I think nobody can really understand,

How I feel,

the more I do that,

the more seems real.

It’s a game of dreams to steal,

so just keep them into your wheel.

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