#Poetry:”For you, the door will always stay open”. (Move Forward)

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To move on,

I do, we always do.

If I don’t do it how you want it,

I care little.+

But, I can’t let anyone,

to put a mouth in my life.

I regret and regret many things,

I’m sorry I said them,

to have criticized,

of having written “White Papers”.

For some things I have no responsibility,

maybe it’s the city’s fault,

or rather: the fault of what certain experiences do and cause us.

I am sorry that you have experienced them …

The door will always remain open for you.

Maybe you will enter, without having knocked, in fact.

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#Poetry”Experience’s Mirror.”

I have often noticed,

how people want to tell others,

the right ways to live …

However, with their experiences.

However, a lot of opinions, ideas, experiences,

they don’t have much to do with suffering,

feelings, of those who seek, perhaps even making a mistake,

other opinions.

So, I often see how much their ideas,

their insecurities,

often mirror them on others.

As if their ideas,

are all ideal,

for everything.

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#Poetry:”Ways to live”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/19/poesiamodi-di-vivere/


You know,

all too often I hear

points of view,

in which it seems that they tell you that there is an “objective” way of living.

What the heck,

It is not so.

Everyone has their time,

his time,

to experience, to understand, to learn.

There are moments in life, where you learn things,

that only in that precise moment,

it becomes important.

Everyone live their own life,

as well as possible,

doing your best,

and if that’s not enough, go further, try to improve yourself.

Everyone lives according to his beliefs,

nonsense, desires and temptations.

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