They say we are not capable,

to see the flaws.

We, good people,

us, in love.

They tell us we see

Things that “don’t exist”.

All of this,

do you know why?

Because they are afraid

to be wrong.

Many people

He is more afraid,

to have questioned,

their idea.

More than anything else.

Because you know,

if you can,

that they boh,

do they consider a failure?

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#Poetry:”I’ll stop Judging myself”.

Clcik here for original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/26/poesiasmettero-di-giudicarmi-accogliermi/


I’ll stop judging myself,

I’ll stop thinking I’m doing something wrong,

I’ll stop judging my thoughts,

I’ll stop thinking there is no other way.

I’ll stop judging myself if I want to eat a pizza,

or drink a beer.

Looking for tranquility.

I’ll stop judging myself,

for what I feel inside.

I’ll stop thinking that what I want,

being unreachable,

is wrong.

But I’ll never stop believing it’s possible.

I’ll never stop thinking it’s attainable.

I’ll stop thinking it’s wrong to be who I am.

Finally, I’ll take my flaws,

that did not help me in obtaining the desired result.

And finally, I can say,

loving myself, with all my strength,

that I can love my mistakes.

As a lover of them,

I can finally believe that I would do the same things again,

because there is nothing else to do but love one’s flaws.

If I went back, I’d do the same,

because it’s time for me to believe,


that being like this is the best thing.

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#Poetry:”Love Yourself”.

Ita version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/24/poesiaama-te-stesso/


So, just love yourself.

Can you do that?
I know, I’ve done some mistakes,

a lot.

I had to endure the pressure to take,

on my heart, on my brain.

And it’s real, not fake.

For so long, I was about to break.

But then I’ve got it:

I know nobody’s perfect,

so no love is.

I can try my  best,

for this love: imperfect.

Love yourself, then:

with all your flaws,

and with all that grows.

I’m sure you can,

I’m sure you will,

this is my will,

I feel love, still,

and I don’t care, for anything else,

nothing else to fill.

I will stop my judgment,

I’m living the moment.

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