#Poetry:”My mistakes into other’ lifes”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/30/poesiagli-errori-miei-negli-altri/


 I’d love

What other people say,

that their advice,

if they gave them to themselves.

Here, I often find too often

Terms such as “rational”, “cynical”,

as if they were synonymous with something better.

Always good at giving advice that they do not follow, for themselves.

I see my mistakes in other people,

I see other people don’t understand me,

don’t really understand me.

Don’t understand mine.

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#Poetry:” #Stronger”

Finally you come to a conclusion,

a way of doing that is good for you,

without pressure.

Peace, love.

You get stronger,

solve all the twisted parts.

It is also right to put aside,

what hurts,

to be able to forget.

It is important to heal,

forget the wound you have,

to make it coagulate.

It will be better to take it back later,

must first pass.

Maybe even a little bit of lying to oneself,

without having to analyze anything,

without thinking about how depressed you are …

instead of throwing up in the toilets.

Or find at all costs, well,


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