#Poetry:”Toxic relationships”.

You declare yourself a friend,

and expect things from me.

You do not understand,

how wrong is this?

Friendships are spontaneous,

your way of doing,

it’s toxic.

You don’t accept me,

you are like others.

You look at me badly,

you’re just a jerk

which is better to lose.

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#Poetry”Just Stop it!” (They don’t want to understand!)

Just Stop it!

that people here don’t want to understand.

Nobody wants to listen

Always they interrupt me.

They don’t understand what you want to do

They think

You do:

”Some sort of brainwashing.”

They seem so good, so smart,

I guess they’re not!

If they stop interrupting,

maybe they would listen.

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#Poetry:”What they Think” (Fuck ‘em!)

Ita version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/05/poesiaquello-che-pensano-fanculo/


I often think, fuck it,

‘Fuck if what others think,

it’s different from what I think.

Fuck them if they think that

Some things are wrong.

Fuck everyone,

with this thing that everyone must tell the truth,

without ever thinking about how one feels …

Without ever telling you the right thing,

make sure there is only one the right way to live,

and they broke my balls

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