If God exists,

I don’t think he has a blacklist.

He isn’t into statues,

but in values.

Don’t cry for an object destroyed,

God, if he’s real,

he’s not an idol,

so, adoration is a thing to avoid.

If Godi s real,

he loves,

doesn’t punish,

try to guide you in the right way,

so, don’t feel rubbish.

If we are his image and likeness,

he’s the most human,

I think it’s time to stop with this madness.

His love is immense,

as every father,

and avery mother.

So why does he want to hurt us?


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Sometimes life,

it’s a bet,

something you try to set,

you don’t now where it leads, yet,

is not something you’ve met.

Sometimes, life is dice to roll,

sometimes is a toll.

We know what’s the goal,

but, do we lose our soul?

Sometimes this bet,

it’s like hoping,

God exists,

and he put you into some good lists.